Det fina i kråksången

February 24, 2008

A very cool music video with ditto song. It makes me sit and dance on my chair, so the neighbours think I’m even stranger than usual. And there are birds, probably crows, in it.

Random Beer Name Generator generates random beer names. Most of them are silly or bland, but some are pretty good, such as the Amber Solstice Russian Imperial Stout.

Oh, and Kicki? Are you reading this? The GROW! games guy has published two new games since last time I checked: GROW! Island where you find the right order to introduce new technologies to the island – and watch out, cos there are two radically different endings! – and GROW! Nano 3 which is a small and fairly quick, but very sweet, grow game where you help the little guy get healthy again. Not only Kicki will enjoy these, but I know she’s a special fan of the series.

(The first two links from MCiOS. The GROW! links from Jay is Games.)


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