February 25, 2008

Cassandra has a phobia against closed doors. Who knows, perhaps she fears being shut out of our lives, or something; in any case she looks (and sounds) as if she is personally affronted by all those closed doors we have. Sometimes in the evenings when we’re in bed we’ll hear her open every closet in the house. I don’t think she tries to get into the closets or anything, she just can’t abide a closed door.

Today she was more insistent than usual, trying to get into the linen closet. So I thought I’d let her see what was in there, and maybe she’d lose interest….

This is OK, I guess...

This is enough, let me down.

Her eyes are actually amber-yellow, it’s just the flash makes them look green.


One comment

  1. Aw, poor kitty! It’s kind of funny though, I was looking to see if they had a scientific phobia named for “fear of closed doors” and came across this story. The Funny thing about it, was I was loking on behalf of my cat! His nam is Sam (short for Salem) and he howls at night when we close the bedroom door! If we want a good nights sleep, we have to have the bedroom door open and the back door open leading to outside so he cane be in any room at any given time. As soon as we shut it about 20 minutes later he’ll be at the door screamin his head off!

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