February 26, 2008

I now have a supply of contact lenses that will last me 6 months if I use them every day. Which I don’t, so I should be good for a bit longer than that. Last time I got new lenses was in 2004.

I also have three different spectacles, or frames anyway, to try out for a couple of days. They look radically different from my old ones. Scary, that.

Also, I have booked an appointment with a naprapath on Friday. I have needed one badly for months now, so it’s quite impressive, knowing me, that I actually did it. (I probably wouldn’t have if they hadn’t had a web booking form – much less scary than picking up a phone!)

Next thing you know, I’ll probably book a dentist appointment. Which is also way way overdue. I am turning into Efficient Néa. (Well, not really. But more so than usual.)


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