“No accent”

February 28, 2008

In the previous post I mentioned some inane commentary from one of the people who were part of the staff on Buffy. I won’t mention any names because this thing is Googlable, but it was one of the creators of the show, not one of the actors. And yes, she did say some really stupid things. Such as the line “James Marsters isn’t British… in fact he has no accent!” James Marsters, for those who don’t know Buffy at all, is an actor who plays a vampire with a “British” accent. (In fact, once you know he’s American, you can hear the non-Britishisms from time to time, although I do think he does a good British accent – but then, I’m foreign.) However, he as I just said he is American, you can hear him in this clip from an interview, and would you say he had no accent? He has a normal, not particularly broad American accent, that’s what. And claiming that somebody – anybody – has no accent is just an ignorant thing to say.

And that’s quite enough of that.

After, I watched another episode commented by Joss Whedon, and that was great fun. He says the oddest thing with a completely deadpan intonation, it’s excellent. Yay Joss.


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