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Too many witty T-shirts

March 18, 2008

Once upon a time, I had two or three T-shirts with funny prints on. (That’s funny peculiar and/or funny ha-ha.) When I went to a long sf convention such as the four-day Eastercon, I brought them all, plus a couple of shirts without wittiness.

THis has changed. In my choir, and also at work, I am known for my funny T-shirts with unusual prints, and as I packed my bags tonight for tomorrow’s journey to England and Eastercon, I had to pick and choose which ones to take. And I still brought about two T-shirts for each day. I’ll just have to go off to our hotel room and change at lunchtime. Nothing wrong with that. Because I didn’t want to leave my two new Steven Brust-themed shirts, nor my new NAFS(k) shirt, or the Book Wyrm one, or the Edward Gorey one that says So Many Books, So Little Time, or the Nightmare before Christmas-themed one, or…

The paradox here is that (as you probably know, if you are reading this blog, because those who read it generally know me) I don’t like to buy clothes. It’s boring, and tedious, and difficult, and expensive, and as soon as I enter a clothes shop I want to leave again; but T-shirts are different. They are like jewelry, or something. Just decoration with the extra benefit of also functioning as clothing; and I don’t have to pay any attention to the clothes part of them, except to check that they are the right size.


Happy Birthday

March 11, 2008

kråkan tittar åt höger Happy Birthday, Johan. kråkan tittar åt vänster



March 8, 2008

I had no idea they were making a movie on the life of one of the people I admire most in this world: Barbro Alving, who wrote under the pen names Bang and Käringen mot Strömmen. Am listening to a review of the film now – it opened yesterday in Stockholm. I do hope it will be shown in Uppsala at some point, even if it’s apparently not the best film ever, according to reviews. I really, REALLY want to see it. Here is a trailer. The voice overs don’t sound much like her – much too modern inflections. Oh well, it’s a quibble.

There’s also a book I will need to get, Bang’s diary from the Olympic Games in Berlin 1936, which has just been published. I’m very pleased that I am not the only person who thinks she isn’t yesterday’s news and irrelevant today.


Yay backfix and free battery

March 4, 2008

Today I saw the naprapathist, which was good. My lower back, which has been one of the most painful areas recently, is now much better. I have seen about three different naprapathists before in my life, I think – the last time was probably 10 years ago – and this was the first time the naprapathist was younger than myself. Turned out we went to the same school, he slightly later than me, so as he was tormenting me we chatted amicably about which teachers we remembered and things like that. Anyway, despite his extreme youth he knew his stuff. I’m going back there on Monday.

Yesterday, I went to an Apple service place to ask them about why my computer no longer warns me before the battery runs out of power, and why it dies when the display says that I still have almost 30% battery time left. I had already bought a new battery, on Saturday, but wanted to find out about the battery warning or lack thereof. The service technician looked at the battery and its serial number and told me I could get a new one under my computer’s warranty, because the one I had was in a series of faulty batteries. So I got a new one right there in the shop, and got to leave the old one there instead of sending it in myself. All for free. Luckily I hadn’t started using the new battery I bought, it was still in its unopened box, so today I returned it and got the money back. (I’m not sure how a faulty battery, the actual hardware, can cause the battery warning to break, and the service technician said it might not be the battery but a Leopard bug. I haven’t checked to see if that problem is still there.)


Cool, and Chaucer

March 2, 2008

I got another audiobook! Canterbury Tales, unabridged, listening pleasure, mine, for the purpose of. I feel rich.


Cool, and Cyrillic

March 2, 2008

This is very cool. It’s an explanation of how Russian written on Western keyboards leads to new words for things. From the ever-marvellous Language Log.

PeBloWriMo is over but I won’t stop blogging entirely; however, it felt like too many of my posts were lytdybrs (see link in previous paragraph) and I won’t write unless I have some germ of an inkling of what to say. Or fun links to post.