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A Sunday afternoon’s entertainment for a Gentle Lady

April 6, 2008

When we were in London, I bought a DVD with the recent TV series Cranford. I’d heard it lauded to the skies, and now I’m about to start watching it. I think it’s about 5 hours long, so will not finish it today, but I’ve been looking forward to it very much. I love the novels, and would watch almost anything created by Sue Birtwistle, so I don’t think I’ll be disappointed.

Not sure I’m qualified to call myself a Gentle Lady, but who’s going to complain?


Tea and Galaxy Quest

April 5, 2008

Drinking peach ball jasmine tea – the kind where the tea leaves are rolled up tightly, and unfold into a kind of blossom when you pour hot water over it. We’ve had this tea for some time, and so I thought I’d finish it before it gets too old. Also, I’m watching Galaxy Quest. I’ve seen it once before but remember almost nothing. It’s a lot of fun, and has Alan Rickman.

An hour later – subtitles rolling: oh yes, lots of fun. So very cheesy and sentimental in such an intentionally over-the-top way. A good evening’s entertainment.

In my tea glass is now something that looks like a sea anemone, or a Tentacled Being (TM). I don’t think I’ll add more water – it’s still nice, but I’m about to go to bed instead of taking in more caffeine.


New toy

April 3, 2008

Got an iPod Shuffle, the new clip-on kind, 2GB. I love it. My old iPod (2nd generation) was excellent, and I’ve had a lot of use out of it, but it was a bit difficult sometimes to know where to keep it, because it is too large for a trouser pocket, and also its battery only lasts for about 40 minutes these days, which is not even a return journey to Uppsala.

The new one has one single drawback, which was obvious before I bought it: there is no display. On the other hand, that hasn’t caused any problems for me yet, in particular because when I plug in the iPod to change the play list, I can see in Itunes when I last played a track. This is important, because so far I’ve pretty much only used it for audiobooks. (Anna Karenina, as I mentioned in a previous post.)