About Néablog, and Linnéa

My name is Linnéa. I’m Swedish, a librarian and a PhD student in English linguistics at Uppsala University. I was born in 1973, and I live outside Uppsala with my husband and our cats and books.

Néablog is a bit of this and a bit of that. Random thoughts, links and texts about things that interest me: books, music, games (board, role playing and computer), choir singing, the Open Directory, birthday celebrations of people around me, random thoughts, geeky toys, science fiction, and the cats. Because my work has to do with studying blogs, I sometimes get fed up with the whole blog thing and stop writing for a while. So far I’ve returned to it, though. Sometimes I’ll write about something that really engages me but I tend to keep the blog pretty shallow – again a result of reading too many trite outpourings of hearts.


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  1. Thanks for the plug, Nea.

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