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Happy Birthday

March 11, 2008

kråkan tittar åt höger Happy Birthday, Johan. kråkan tittar åt vänster


To be a pilgrim

February 21, 2008

There is going to be a pilgrimage to me on my next birthday. Which is something not everybody can say. Oh, not exactly to me I suppose, more because of me. But still and anyway. Several people I haven’t seen for years will be there, and some people I’ve known for a long time and never met. It is still a little bit up in the air, but it seems it definitely will happen.

Meanwhile, J and I are both ill at the same time, which is unusual. We never seem to get each other’s colds, but this one we both got from the same source, most likely. Which is my excuse for yet another short and fairly pointless post…



February 16, 2008

Johan’s sister and her family were here today. We don’t see them very often – last time I saw any of them was when the eldest girl graduated, last June – and it’s always fun to meet them. Good food was had, the kids played a board game, and we sat around chatting for a bit. Nothing ambitious or strenuous, but fun.

Also, Happy Birthday, Andrew. (Although I guess it’s over already given the time zone thing.)


A great niece (not a great-niece)

February 15, 2008

rose Grattis på fjortonårsdagen, Miranda! rose



February 2, 2008

Today is Zot’s birthday. We just got home from the celebration; naturally, we gave him this book. It was fun and the food was excellent.

Before that, I met Stina, Anders and Ale; I see them very seldom these days and it was a lot of fun. Stina is one of those rare people who I can get together with after a long period of not being in touch, without feeling awkward; we just pick up where we left off, which is very restful. I took some pictures of Ale, who is now one year old, but they probably didn’t come out very well. [Note to hypothetical foreign readers: “Ale” is pronounced with a long “Ah” sound and a distinct final “e”.]

Stina also displayed her iPod Nano, which made me realise that that’s probably what I want – my iPod is quite functional but the battery doesn’t last very long and it’s doubtful whether it would be better value for my money to get a new battery for the 3rd generation iPod I have rather than get a new one. (In particular a Nano, which really isn’t that expensive, and I would be likely to use it much more.)


October 14, 2007

And today is Rebecka’s birthday – she is 2, and she is in Kingston, Ontario, so I won’t even get to say happy birthday in person.

Grattis på födelsedagen, Becka.


October 9, 2007

Happy Birthday, U!