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To be a pilgrim

February 21, 2008

There is going to be a pilgrimage to me on my next birthday. Which is something not everybody can say. Oh, not exactly to me I suppose, more because of me. But still and anyway. Several people I haven’t seen for years will be there, and some people I’ve known for a long time and never met. It is still a little bit up in the air, but it seems it definitely will happen.

Meanwhile, J and I are both ill at the same time, which is unusual. We never seem to get each other’s colds, but this one we both got from the same source, most likely. Which is my excuse for yet another short and fairly pointless post…



February 16, 2008

Johan’s sister and her family were here today. We don’t see them very often – last time I saw any of them was when the eldest girl graduated, last June – and it’s always fun to meet them. Good food was had, the kids played a board game, and we sat around chatting for a bit. Nothing ambitious or strenuous, but fun.

Also, Happy Birthday, Andrew. (Although I guess it’s over already given the time zone thing.)



February 2, 2008

Today is Zot’s birthday. We just got home from the celebration; naturally, we gave him this book. It was fun and the food was excellent.

Before that, I met Stina, Anders and Ale; I see them very seldom these days and it was a lot of fun. Stina is one of those rare people who I can get together with after a long period of not being in touch, without feeling awkward; we just pick up where we left off, which is very restful. I took some pictures of Ale, who is now one year old, but they probably didn’t come out very well. [Note to hypothetical foreign readers: “Ale” is pronounced with a long “Ah” sound and a distinct final “e”.]

Stina also displayed her iPod Nano, which made me realise that that’s probably what I want – my iPod is quite functional but the battery doesn’t last very long and it’s doubtful whether it would be better value for my money to get a new battery for the 3rd generation iPod I have rather than get a new one. (In particular a Nano, which really isn’t that expensive, and I would be likely to use it much more.)


November 1, 2007

It was a fun party, but of course we forgot the camera. Maybe I’ll find somebody else’s pictures to link to. In any case, I went as a mad sane scientist, with an extra cerebrellum in a jar, and some red cabbage extract in a bottle.


October 26, 2007

Tonight, I’m going to go to my first-ever Hallowe’en party. Miranda and Anna are hosting it, and I’m really looking forward to it. I won’t tell you what I’m going to dress up as, but I think I can promise photos afterwards. (I considered going as an opponent with Johan as the review committee, but we decided against it.)


September 19, 2007

The wedding was really fun. The weather was perfect, the bride and groom were lovely and radiant, and we suffered not at all from our halting German – though as always, I decided that I will try and improve it, I really will…

German weddings are not that different from Swedish ones, except that the church wedding is not sufficient on its own – the legally binding ceremony is civil, and can take place before or after the church wedding (which is not obligatory). In Sweden, couples can choose a civil or a religious wedding, but if they go for the religious version they don’t need a civil one as well. Anyway, in this case the happy couple had been legally wed for a month already, not that that detracted any from the ceremony in the church! I admit that I did not quite understand all of the priest’s speech, but to sing hymns in German felt quite natural.

The wedding cake was magnificent and very yummy – and quite rich. Fortunately, we got a few hours to get hungry again, before the dinner which was excellent. I don’t think I’d had Sauerkraut before, it’s definitely a taste I would have remembered. I wonder where I can get it in Sweden.

According to a couple of the other guests, and the bride, many German weddings include a lot of games for the guests. (Well, so do Swedish weddings, come to think of it.) This one didn’t, which gave us lots of time to talk to the other people, those we knew and those we didn’t. The entertainment was splendid, too.

Our pictures are here. (There will be more of them soon, I believe – I managed to hide some of the best photos so Johan couldn’t upload them to flickr.)


September 14, 2007

Tomorrow morning we’re off to Germany to attend a wedding: that makes three weddings this year, in three different countries. (The first one was in Finland in February, the second in Old Uppsala in August.) It should be fun; I leave too many unfinished things behind but hopefully I’ll be able to relax anyway. I’m not bringing the computer which may or may not help with relaxation. I very much look forward to meeting some friends I’ve never before seen in real life (you know, Internet friends as oppsed to real friends) as well as the happy couple and a few other people I’ve met before – it will be a lot of fun, I’m sure of that.

I just hope I won’t have to speak too much German, or that if I do, I won’t make a total fool of myself. I understand the language pretty well, but when speaking I tend to get lost. Perhaps I’d better practice a bit. An auf hinter in neben über unter vor zwischen. Aus außer bei gegenüber mit nach seit von zu. Think the other guests will think I’m odd if I respond to them with a string of prepositions?