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Det fina i kråksången

February 24, 2008

A very cool music video with ditto song. It makes me sit and dance on my chair, so the neighbours think I’m even stranger than usual. And there are birds, probably crows, in it.

Random Beer Name Generator generates random beer names. Most of them are silly or bland, but some are pretty good, such as the Amber Solstice Russian Imperial Stout.

Oh, and Kicki? Are you reading this? The GROW! games guy has published two new games since last time I checked: GROW! Island where you find the right order to introduce new technologies to the island – and watch out, cos there are two radically different endings! – and GROW! Nano 3 which is a small and fairly quick, but very sweet, grow game where you help the little guy get healthy again. Not only Kicki will enjoy these, but I know she’s a special fan of the series.

(The first two links from MCiOS. The GROW! links from Jay is Games.)


Travels in the New World

February 8, 2008

Last time, we finally found the library. Finally! I’m not sure how long we’d been looking for it. The detour to the floating island with Bollomb, the slightly insane fire spirit, our inprisonment there and our fight to liberate the islanders from the tyrannical rule of Traka and Anoda, took some time. Just our luck to pick the wrong trail of butterflies to follow. On the other hand, that trip taught us much about this mysterious magenta-coloured sea of air and how to travel in it. And we got two excellent new companions who joined our group from the Bollombi people.

But yes, we reached the library. The decomposing remains of the librarian were there. Although we’d been expecting to find him dead, it was still very sad. The Queen will grieve when she hears of it, and it is such an immense pity that we never got a chance to learn about the Westrings from him. I do not think there is anybody alive now who knows as much as the librarian did. What we had not expected to find was the troop of oafish guardians that the library had attracted; a tribe we didn’t know of (small wonder, since we know almost nothing of this part of the country anyway) and who didn’t even know about the Queen. It was fortunate that one of us had a brooch with a likeness of the librarian’s familiar engraved; that made them trust us enough to allow us into the library, and when we encountered the familiar and it acknowledged us, they seemed to accept our presence. They are very stupid, though. When they heard the librarian scream it didn’t even occur to them to climb up and see what had happened, because they had been told they couldn’t enter the library without his permission. Not that they could have protected him against what killed him, if what we believe is true.

The library itself is a marvellous place: huge, circular, lit by alehcmical lights and stocked with uncountable numbers of books. Surely we will find at least some answers here.

Tonight is my RPG night.



February 6, 2008

Oh dear, bedtime and no blog post. I’ll just post some game links and hopefully noone’ll notice…

The Great Kitchen Escape is a fun clicky game where the object is to get out of the kitchen.

Treasure Box is some kind of… interactive art, I suppose.

You are lucky! is more than a little reminiscent of GROW! only different.

And Trapped parts one and two are unavailable. That sucks – they were great games and I was waiting for part 3.


October 3, 2007

Here are some fun games I’ve discovered over the past couple of months or so. Most of them I found at the excellent site Jay is Games (or is it Jayisgames?).

In Bloons you get to throw a dart through a lot of balloons. It’s as silly and satisfying as it sounds, and it gets very difficult after a while. (posted at MCiOS, I can’t remember by whom)

Hoshi Saga is a Flash game where the object is to find a star that’s hidden in each of the 25 levels. Sometimes easy, sometimes quite difficult.

I’m tempted to call Trapped a point-and-click game, because that’s what you do in it, but the author says it isn’t. It is an escape-the-room type of game, with some rather difficult puzzles; I found it very intriguing and fun to play. It’s my favourite kind of game, I think, the kind with a lot of clicking, puzzling and pondering with no time limit or shooting. Part one is available, out of three. I’ve signed up to be told when parts two and three are finished.

Remember the GROW! games? I’ve linked to several different ones over the years. Here is GROW! Tribute, not created by the original GROW! creator, but managing to be very similar. Not as fun, I didn’t think, partly because the music is more annoying. Still worth playing for a few minutes’ entertainment, though. There is a new GROW! game, too: GROW Nano. Which is… less challenging 🙂

Bodilies is another solve-the-story point-and-click puzzle game, and a very beautiful one too, with great music. It’s a while since I played it now, but I really loved it.

I can’t remember if I’ve already linked to Ring Pass Not; I played it all the time a few months ago when it was posted at MCiOS. Beautiful and hooking solitaire-type game.


March 2, 2007

And here is another game, Flash based, with very nice drawings and an excellent game idea. (Unlike the one from the other day, this is a puzzle-type game which you need to solve. A little like the GROW! games. Kicki, I think you might like this one. (I miss you.)


February 24, 2007

Brilliant, just what I need. A rather habit-forming, Flash based online card game in the tradition of Magic the Gathering and other “role playing card games” (which I have never actually played but I know how they work in theory).


February 3, 2007

I found a really interesting-looking computer game: Bestseller, an author simulation game. Nice concept! (I assume it’s Windows only so no chance of me ever getting to play it, but that’s beside the point.)