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New Bed Report

February 15, 2008

I slept like a log in the Tempur bed. It felt hard and a bit weird at first, but it started moulding itself after my body very quickly. We’d been warned that we might have problems sleeping the first few nights before getting used to it, but as I said, like a log. (It helped that I slept very little the night before, though.) I didn’t even wake during the night, except briefly when J’s alarm went off.

Emptying and removing the water mattress was fairly painless, and it is now residing outside our front door looking like a large purple mollusc. Hopefully we’ll get hold of somebody with a car to transport it away at some point soon. Installing the new mattresses was an extremely simple procedure; the top mattresses were rolled up very tightly in the box but when they were unrolled they looked as flat as if they had never been bent at all. Weird material, that.

So it would seem like we made the right choice, although I’d better give it a few nights before saying anything conclusive.


Batter in, water out

February 14, 2008

Our new bed arrived! At least three weeks earlier than we thought it would! So now the waterbed era is over. Because we get attached to inanimate things in our family, we are going to miss it, but I am very much looking forward to trying out the new one. However, we first have to empty the water mattress – quite possibly we won’t be able to do that tonight.

Also, I am halfway through the Personal Blog Writing Month, and have so far written every day. Some days there hasn’t been much to say really, but most days I have had things I wanted to say; when I’m in the non-blogging state I always feel too selfconscious to get with the writing even when there has been something on my mind to blog about, so this having to write every day is in fact very good for me. I have even had pingbacks 🙂
PeBloWriMo was Jukka’s own initiative, by the way, and a thumping good one it is too. He, too, has kept it up. Go us!


Not a Dog Kennel

February 3, 2008

We bought a new bed today! Or actually just a really hightech mattress, to go in our old bed. Our current water mattress is 12 years old by now and they did say it might start getting leaky at 10, so it is a matter of some priority. We didn’t go for water this time, however, but something that sounds like Japanese batter. I read up on Tempur before we went to the store, and it seems as if people either love or hate it — but they do have a return policy in case it turns out we won’t adapt to it. But we both liked it very much in the store, so we’re hopeful. Delivery in 5-8 weeks’ time.


February 27, 2005

Here are two photos I took at 11pm last night, from our living room out towards the terrace:

Here are photos from roughly the same angles, taken at 10am this morning:

(all the small pictures are clickable, and will open as a ~100K picture in a new window)

The garbage bins (green and brown) show how much snow came the last 24 hours – there was no snow on top of them yesterday morning:

Bonadea braved the weather, though the snow reached over her head.

The best way for a cat to get anywhere is to flounder dolphin-like through the snow – which I measured next to the tracks, and it was 37 cms deep just there:

A couple of other snaps. We got snow!!


October 19, 2002

By now we’ve lived here for a year (a year and two weeks, to be precise) and seen the entire cycle of seasons as it’s turned around our home. My initial feeling of weirdness about living in Storvreta again has abated, and the house still feels reasonably large (although far from overlarge!)

One of the first quirks we found out when we’d moved in in October of last year was that the fireplace had a mind of its own. To get a fire going we first had to unscrew the fire alarm, for there was no way to avoid the massive clouds rolling into the room. Over the year, we thought we’d learnt the technique: it’s a question of getting a good draught immediately, which is difficult because of the chimney design but as I say we thought we had it. Until the weather turned properly cold. With a pillar of air considerably below freezing point inside the chimney, the fog of LĂĽtzen quickly descended again.

It’s nice when things have personality. Yes, it is.


May 3, 2002

We have a piano! Yay! The cats are surprised but not disapproving, and Johan plays really well (at least in comparison to how useless he’s always claimed to be at it…) Now I have another project: to learn to play the piano, at least a little bit. The French-learning project moves forward very slowly, but I know considerably more than I did 3 weeks ago which is something.

Johan got a video from Dave Lally in the mail today (but my tickets to France didn’t arrive, hmph); it contains 3 episodes of a British comedy show called “Give my head peace” — I’d never heard of it before but we intend to watch it tonight so I’ll be in a position to review it anon.


April 21, 2002

We got rid of the birch that was standing too close to the house; its roots probably went into the drainage from our house which is a Bad Thing. Dad was over with the power saw and had it down in a jiffy; we’ll have plenty of firewood from that tree once we cut it up and cleave the logs! The fumes from the power saw invoked my childhood — so many good memories of working in the forest returning! Feeling like professional house owners now. After all we’ve lived here for almost seven months.

We keep making new discoveries in the garden, too. The red mushrooms coming up in the strawberry patch are rhubarblings! Not quite as cool as if they had been The Shooting Star (Tin-Tin) type fungi but much nicer on the whole.