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February 28, 2006

Postcrossing map update:


January 27, 2006

Postcrossing update, 2006-01-27:

(You may want to compare with the Nov 30 image.)


November 30, 2005

What’s this – blogging every day?? We’ll see how long it lasts.

Today I received my 8th PostCrossing card, my first from the UK, and also the first I got from a guy. Johan and I were discussing how come there seemed to be mostly female participants in the project, at least from the cards I’ve received; granted, I’ve sent to a few male recipients, but to three times as many women. Who knows. In any case, I’ve now got cards from Germany, Austria, Portugal, Finland, the US, the Netherlands and the UK, and sent cards to Brazil, Switzerland, Finland, the US, Portugal and Spain. Here’s a graphical representation of my sent and received cards (sent cards have red lines, received cards blue lines)

Yes, it does get expensiveish after a while, but I’m still at the gosh wow yay fun! stage.


November 11, 2005

OK, so one of the things I wrote about a couple of weeks ago was PostCrossing. It is an exceedingly nifty project, where you register, receive addresses to random people, send post cards to them and after a while start receiving post cards from other, equally random people. I like the idea a lot, have sent a bunch of cards and received one (but your address doesn’t become eligible until cards you’ve sent are received, so it should take a while before I get more, I guess.)

It’s possible to view a lot of the cards people have sent and/or received, which makes the whole thing even more interesting.

Hmph. This was much more brief and rambling than my previous post, but the main thing is spreading the link, cos it’s nifty.