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September 23, 2002

There’s quite a few pictures from last week’s meeting floating around the Internet by now; here is one of the Golden Master Meeting web sites.


September 18, 2002

Here I am again. France was nice and warm and sunny; Sweden in comparison is very cold and dark. . .

The meeting was good, the part of it I was able to participate in at least. . . and I have no reason to believe the rest of it will be less so. The Chateau de St Louand is a wonderful manse to be working in, and there was plenty of good wine, good food and convivial company. Being there only 3 full days, my contribution amounted to scrutinizing the novels The View from Chickweed’s Window, Bird Island and Bad Ronald, the novella The Miracle Workers and the short stories The Kokod Warriors, The New Prime, and The Men Return. It’s a privilege to be allowed to do that kind of work, it really is.


September 13, 2002

On pleasure bent again? Yes, I suppose so—in a few hours I’ll be on my way to France. The VIE is approaching half-completion, and a select team of enthusiasts will be proofing blueprints from the publishers until our eyes pop out. I’ll be back on Tuesday evening.