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March 10, 2006

Oh, and it’s snowing. I know you all wanted to know. Waaah…


March 5, 2006

It’s March! It’s Early March!! Why are they predicting -17°C for Wednesday night?? Of course it’s an uncertain prediction, all weather predictions are if they are that far ahead. But still. Minus 17! Not to mention the fact that we would need to shovel the driveway twice a day if we wanted to keep it reasonably clear.

March! Get real, Thor.


February 27, 2005

Here are two photos I took at 11pm last night, from our living room out towards the terrace:

Here are photos from roughly the same angles, taken at 10am this morning:

(all the small pictures are clickable, and will open as a ~100K picture in a new window)

The garbage bins (green and brown) show how much snow came the last 24 hours – there was no snow on top of them yesterday morning:

Bonadea braved the weather, though the snow reached over her head.

The best way for a cat to get anywhere is to flounder dolphin-like through the snow – which I measured next to the tracks, and it was 37 cms deep just there:

A couple of other snaps. We got snow!!


October 6, 2002

Titta det snöar! Titta det snöar! Allting blir vitt, vitt, vitt. . .

Oct 6. It’s snowing.


September 23, 2002

Cassandra is not a happy puppy. She wants to go outside on principle; all summer she and Bonadea have been allowed out as soon as either of us gets home from work, and she’ll still eagerly run up to the cupboard where we keep the cats’ collars and stand purring as we put it on her, then run meowing like crazy to the door. But then, when the door actually opens, she shrinks back and all of a sudden she’s not at all certain she wants to be outside in the nasty cold weather. But when the door is closed she makes up her mind: of course she wants to be outside! She’s a cat—she must go hunting!

Forty seconds after I’d closed the door behind her today, she was sitting on the windowsill meowing heart-rendingly. And once inside, she wandered around, telling me in no uncertain terms that she’s incredibly disappointed in me—why do I have to let it be so cold? No, not at all a happy cat.

I look forward to seeing what she’ll do when it starts snowing. . .